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Aud and Helge

Aud and Helge are a couple in their sixties, they live at Tinnoset, 30 minutes away from Rjukan by car. Aud and Helge are interested in culture, local history and local food-traditions. From October and forward, they will gladly have other grownups for a visit. Would prefer 2 – 4 people.

The house is Helge’s childhood home, located right besides Tinnsjøen. Helge is a retired builder and Aud is an advisor for “Inkluderende arbeidsliv I Telemark”. Aud and Helge are both born and raised in the area.


Our interest are culture, nature, travel, local history and local food traditions. Helge is also active in Gransherad’s history, he also likes playing hardanger fiddle. For 30 years, Aud has been active in the Blues environment at Notodden where she has had many positions. She’s been the leader of the volunteer corps for a number of years and the chairman at the European Blues Center.

We have a lot to do in Tinn, here we have a cabin under Gaustatoppen, we also go fore hikes. We enjoy active holidays with hiking and cycling trips, often combined with good food, wine and a concert or a theatre experience.

What do you usually serve for dinner: 

Helge conduct harvest fishing in Tinnsjøen and Aud likes to bake a thin pastry served folded and spread with butter, something we call “lefse”. We want to serve local food products, often short-lived. We also like to make homemade traditional food.

What people would you invite for dinner: 

We want 2 -4 grownups. We love to meet and get to know other people, and I think that the age is the most irrelevant thing for me when I meet other people.’

We can both communicate in English.

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