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About the cycling route

Wether you choose to cycle to Mårbu or Kalhovd, they both have the same starting point from Gvepseborg. 


Where: Gvepseborg - Kalhovd/Mårbu - Atrå - Rjukan
Gvepseborg - Kalhovd: 30 km
Kalhovd - Synken/Mårbu: 8 km (boatride approx. 40 min.)
Kalhovd - Atrå: 30 km
Atrå - Rjukan: 25 km
Season: medio June - medio September
Altitude: 217 m (883 - 1100 m.o.h)
Landscape: gravel, high mountain nature
Child friendly: yes, for active and atheltic children


The beginning of the cycling tour is very special, because the first North-European cable car whisks you up from Rjukan to the starting point at 886 meters. 

Enjoy the view over Rjukan from the view point before you start. 

Practical information about Krossobanen

  • Take all your belongings of the bike before you enter the cable car
  • You have to carry your bike into the cable car yourself
  • The cable car can bring 5 bikes at a time
  • Krossobanen will priority bikes from 8 - 10 am


The first two kilomtres are the hardest on the route. You climb 200 metres from Gvepseborg to the "top" where Hardangervidda national park opens up.  

The road is slitly hilly. The highest point is 1100 meters above sea level.

On the way you will have beautiful high mountain landscape, fishing lakes and small creeks. There are several places to rest and eat your lunch pack. 

The distance from Gvepseborg to Kalhovd is 30 km.

To Synken/Mårbu

On the crossing at Kalhovd Tourist cabin, you follow the road to the left. After 8 kilometres you will arrive at Synken. From here the boat MB Mårfjord brings you across lake Mårvatn.

Please remember to check the timeschedule in advance, since it only has one departure in the evening.


The return can go the same way, or you can cycle via Atrå and along the main road back to Rjukan. A total of 60 km. 

Please notice that after approx. 20 km from Kalhovd to Atrå, you reach the main road. Here there is no cycling path, so be aware of the traffic. 

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