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The Kalhovd bus

The Kalhovd bus takes you from Atrå to Kalhovd and Synken

You can now take the bus all the way from Oslo to Hardangervidda!

Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

JULY 1st - AUGUST 16th

Kl.14.40 from Atrå Handelslag.

Kl.15.20 from Kalhovd

Kl.16.30 from Synken

Kl.17.35 arrival  Atrå

Kl.17.50 arrival Mæl på forespørsel.

Atrå - Kalhovd: Adult 175,-  children 100,-
Atrå - Synken:  Adult 200,- children 125,-

Bike: 50,-

Credit card accepted.

You can bring bikes along on the bus, if you travel in a larger group you have to contact the company in beforehand.


Høymyrvegen 8
3656 Atrå

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Cellphone: 90967777


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