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Serving at Selstali Seter

At Selstali Seter, we always have 10 - 12 cows grazing around the meadow lands, and the milk from those cows, constitutes the foundation of the production of several dairy products. Every day we produce fresh butter, sour cream, brown whey-cheese and a very special farm-cheese. We also serve several traditional meals at the farm, like genuine sour cream porridge, sour cream,  pancakes and cured meat and sausage from pork and reindeer together with crisp bread. Some of the products can also be bought in small packages, to be taken back home. 

Since the demand for those products often is larger than the supply, we recommended to call us by phone in advance and place an order. Please call: (+47) 90 75 11 16


We serve norwegian meals the whole day.

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