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Do you wish to get a closer look at the people living in Rjukan? Maybe see how they live and eat dinner with them? Well now you can! We are now giving away some free meals in the homes of some local people from Rjukan.

Send us a request, and we will see if there is a possibility that YOU can come and #dinewithlocals at Rjukan. All we want in favor is that you share the content and your experience in your social media with the hashtag #dinewithlocalsrjukan and #visitrjukan.

After the meal you may have learned new things about Rjukan, seen things you wouldn’t see other places, and maybe, maybe this is the start of a long-lasting friendship.

The offer is free of charge. 

*The offer is not possible during high season, July - August. 

These are the people you can visit:

Aud and Helge are a couple in their sixties, they live at Tinnoset, 30 minutes away from Rjukan by car. Aud and Helge are interested in culture, local history and local food-traditions. From October and forward, they will gladly have other grownups for a visit. Would prefer 2 – 4 people.

Bente and Torbjørn are in their sixties and live at Nedre Dale Gård. Torbjørn is a historian and he can tell you mostly everything about Rjukan and its history that you may not find elsewhere. Torbjørn and Bente has a unique home and it is an experience in itself, more like a museum. They wish all adults from all nations welcome to their home.

Brit is a sporty 71-year-old woman. She is single, but rarely alone. She often invites and gathers her family, arranges parties for her grandchildren, and if not, well then, she’s on the move. She has an apartment in the historical “Fjøsgården”. She gladly invites families with kids, friends, couples or single people for dinner.

Berit is a positive and happy woman in her fifties. She lives with her son Amadeus and husband Valgardur. She is the leader of Jazzercise and is to be seen everywhere where there is an event. She gladly invites other couples, regardless of their age.

Anne Rose is in her fifties and  is originally from Germany. Anne Rose and her boyfriend live in Tinn Austbygd in a nive place that is called "The view". They would like to invite other grown ups, no matter of age.

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