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Gaustatoppen foto: Ove Bergersen

Gaustatoppen at fall

It is in the autumn the sky is at its clearest and there is the greatest chance of seeing the whole 1/6 of Norway from Gaustatoppen.

Gaustatoppen has become a very popular top tour, and many people think that autumn is the best time to climb the mountain.

The season at Gaustatoppen normally lasts until the end of October. Gaustabanen that goes inside the mountain itself is open until October 20th.

Several routes to Gaustatoppen

There are several routes to Gaustatoppen. The best known and lightest is from Stavsro. But there are also opportunities from Svineroi and Selstali.

Read more about all the routes to Gaustatoppen here.


For those who want the easiest variant up to Gaustatoppen can take the trail that goes inside the mountain, Gaustabanen. In 15 minutes, it carries you up to 1800 meters. From the exit of Gaustabanen you have about 80 meters to go up a stone staircase to Gaustatoppen Tourist Cabin, if you want to enjoy a good waffle for a great view before heading down again.

It is also possible to walk one way and take Gaustabanen back. Please note that if you leave from Stavsro it is 3 km in between Gaustabanen and Stavsro. During the weekends and autumn holidays there will be a bus between the places, but on ordinary weekdays you will have to walk.

Parking and bus for trips to Gaustatoppen

There may be parking challenges at Stavsro on the nicest autumn days, but don't worry, during weekends and autumn holidays, a shuttle bus is put in. If it is full at Stavsro you will be shown to the alternate car park at Bygget in the Gausta area and then the bus goes to the desired starting point. There is also a bus from / to Tuddal and Rjukan. For timetables and tickets see here.

Web camera at Gaustatoppen

Wondering what the weather is like at Gaustatoppen? Check out the web cam at Gaustabanen.no, which is aimed straight at the top. Then you can get a fresh report.

Video from Gaustatoppen

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