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Rjukan and Notodden on UNESCO's world heritage list


The industrial fairytale started in Notodden. Here you can read a brief summary of the story. 

Foto: Nancy Bundt

Rjukan has a history that is of "world wide outstanding value", and is thus on UNESCO's world heritage list. Here follows a brief summary of the story.

Rjukan Foto: Mediteam/VisitRjukan

The industrial heritage Rjukan - Notodden on UNESCOs Heritage list in one minute.

Rjukanfossen is essential in our history. That Sam Eyde got to buy the rights to the waterfall was essential for energy production.

How can you as a tourist experience Rjukan as a World Heritage site?

Snutebussen Hans-Dieter Fleger

A guided tour with an oldertimer bus is available for groups during "off-season". This is a great way to explore Rjukan as a world heritage site. 

Foto: Hans Dieter Fleger

Vemork power plant is today a museum, Norwegian industrial worker's museum. The building is protected. 

Krossobanen frakter deg opp til foten av Hardangervidda

Krossobanen was built as welfare measures to bring the population into the sun during the winter. Today Krossobanen is a tourist attraction that is open daily.

Rjukan Admini Foto: Hans-Dieter Fleger

Rjukan Admini has been a well kept secret, only specially selected guests  have been accommodated here earlier. Now Admini has opened as a hotel. 

The Rjukan House (the People’s House) was built by the labour movement for cultural, political and union activities. Today it is an assembly house with stage and cinema, offices, editorial offices and a newopened cafe.

Storegut er ute å seiler på Tinnsjøen

Railway and railway ferry for transportation of railway wagons and coaches carrying goods and passengers. Today The Rjukan line with M/F Storegut is used as a museum wessel.

Mæl stasjon. Foto: Hans-Dieter Fleger

At Mæl station and ferry port are the preserved railway ferries D / F Ammonia and M / F Storegut. The station and port may be explored on your own during "off-season". 

Rjukan Foto: Mediateam/visitrjukan

With a short walking tour in the town center you can see many of the buildings and areas that are central to the UNESCO application.

How can you as a tourist experience Notodden as a World Heritage site?

Lysbuen museum

Lysbuen industrial museum

For more than 100 years ago Notodden was venue for a modern fairy tale. In 1905, the world’s first industrial production of mineral fertilizer – with air as raw material – started here.

Tinfoss kulturminneområde

Tinfos cultural area

Tinfos's area is protected and designated as unique in Norway. The energy from Tinfoss is the reason why the industrial town Notodden was built.


Visit places in Notodden with outstanding universal value by foot. Here you can download a walking map.

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