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Rjukan climbing park

After a visit to the Rjukan climbing park, I would dare to say that this park is not like other climbing parks. The Rjukan climbing park offers some very special elements.

The first thing that meets you is Krossobanen. Northern Europe's first cable car built in 1928. One of the trolleys "Lingonberry" or "Blueberry" will transport you to the park in 5 minutes. What other parks can offer such an exclusive prop?

Krossobanen frakter deg opp til foten av Hardangervidda

Foto: Willy Kittelsen 

At the top of Krossobanen, more specifically Gvepseborg 883 m.h., lies the Rjukan climbing park. These surroundings are central to Rjukan's famous war history. Under Krossobanen, the Norwegian saboteurs escaped after they had bombed the heavy water plant at Vemork during World War II. They also escaped further to Hardangervidda.

I was absolutely impressed with many elements of the war history they have managed to integrate into the park.

First you have to go through an exercise run before you get to practice green, blue and red trails respectively. This can be compared to the military training the saboteurs also had to go through. First you are recruited in the exercise track, then you switch to the green track where you train yourself to become an aspirant. If you get through the green trail, there is a zip line that leads you to the blue trail. As an aspirant, you complete the blue trail and the new zip line leads you to "the gran finale" which is the red trail, and then you are a saboteur!

As a saboteur, you get to climb the Halifax which hangs high up in the trees and throw you "in parachute", as the saboteurs did when they came with the Halifax from England and jumped into the parachute and landed on Hardangerivdda.

In the middle of the trail you meet the "hunter" that the saboteurs also met at Hardangervidda. The saboteurs had the choice to shoot the hunter in danger of revealing the operation or trusting him. They chose to trust him. You also have to rely on the "hunter" you meet in the trees to manage to pass him.

Furthermore, you come to the "factory". Are you able to bomb the heavy water system?

Practical information

This is a park that is fun for all ages. You should probably spend 3 - 4 hours in the park. Pack a lunch and take your time. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about Rjukan's history, feel the mastery and not least the adrenaline. 

For more information on opening hours and prices, see Rjukan climbing park's website http://www.rjukanklatrepark.no/. Here you can also pre-order a harness.

For the little ones

For children between 3 - 6 years, there is a separate children's area.

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