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Hulderhola is a 15 meter deep cave on the east side of Stavsro - where the trail up to Gaustatoppen starts. The trip is about 4 km and takes about 1.5 hours one way.

Hulderhola cave is situated in the mountains on the east side of Heddersvann lake, on the border between Hjartdal and Tinn.

The path starts at Stavsro, abt. 200 metres past the car park by the path to Gaustatoppen.

The last part of the trail involves some climbing, and it might be necessary to go through some water when it is much water in the river. The best place to cross is near by Heddersvann.

Hulderhola cave is abt. 15 metres deep with roof varying between one and three metres.

There is a small room, the so-called "sacristy" deep inside the cave.

There are many tales told about the cave. A dog is said to have chased a hare into the cave and vanished. The dog finally came out at Håkanesnuten hill - 10 km away.

Another tale is that secret Catholic masses were held here just after the Reformation.

The trip is abt. 4 km each way and takes about 1,5 hrs one way.


3660 Rjukan

  • caving
  • 4 hours
  • challenging
Nature and terrain
  • mountainous terrain
  • river
  • stony
  • water
  • Autumn
  • Summer
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