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Foto: Johannes Granseth
Foto: Johannes Granseth

Marispelet Rjukan

Marispelet, an outdoor theater about the forbidden love at the falls of the Rjukan Waterfall.

Marispelet by Rjukanfossen

- Telemark's Romeo and Julie story on the edge of the gorge towards Vemork and Rjukan waterfall in Telemark. Summer's most beautiful love story.

The Maris game at Rjukanfossen is truly a drama on the edge of the cliff. In this theater, the audience gets to experience the gripping love story of the strong-willed Mari and the poor boy Øystein.

Actors and musicians play with a large group of fantastic local amateurs and make this outdoor theater a "culture bomb" according to Telemark Arbeiderblad.

When Rjukanfossen is released in the final scene and the lovers stand on the edge of the cliff, the audience sits with a lump in their throats and the Marispelet lives up to Mona Levin's reviews of being a game of "spectacular mark".

The music is beautiful and carries roots from folk music with it. This is complemented by beautiful singing called ''kveding'' from local folk.

Performances 2020

  • July 22th at 8.30 pm
  • July 23th at. 8.30 pm
  • July 24th at 8.30 pm
  • July 25th at 6 pm and 10 pm

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 Please notice that the actors in Marispelet talk and sing in norwegian. 

For further information, please see www.marispelet.com 

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