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Vemork Foto: Ian Brodie

Vemork museum

At the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum you will get a close encounter with Norwegian industrial - and war history, most known is the exhibition about the "Heavy water war".


  • Heroes of Telemark/The heavy water war
  • The industrial town of Rjukan
  • The movie: "If Hitler had the bomb"

The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum

The Rjukan Waterfall provided the basis for Vemork, the world's largest power station in 1911. The station has now been converted into a museum, the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, where you can partake in the astonishing story of the generation of energy and see exhibitions of industrial development in Norway and at Rjukan.

The Heavy Water War

The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum is perhaps best known for its presentation of Rjukan's war history. Vemork was the location of one of the most important acts of sabotage during the Second World War, when Norwegian saboteurs prevented the Germans from developing nuclear weapons from the heavy water produced here.

The documentary "If Hitler had the bomb" about the sabotage is screened in the cinema room.

NEWS! Excavation of the heavy water cellar!

The heavy water cellar at Vemork was blown up in 1977. However, an excavation of the cellar has begun, and a new spectacular museum will come.


  • Heroes of Telemark
  • The saboteurs
  • The machine room
  • Miniture power station
  • The industrial town of Rjukan
  • The industrial worker 1950 - 2008

Opening hours and prices

Press here to see the opening hours and prices at Vemork.

Where to find Vemork

Norwegian Industrial Worker's Museum at Vemork is on the road RV 37, approx. 6 km west of Rjukan, towards Rauland.

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