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Where to stay

Rjukan has accommodations of all kinds, in all standards and for all budgets.

Rjukan Admini Foto: Hans-Dieter Fleger

Choose between hotels in the town centre of Rjukan, or in one of our mountain areas; Møsvatn and Gaustablikk

Foto: Trond Stegarud. Gaustatoppen er en av hovedattraksjonene på Rjukan

Rjukan has a great variety of cabins and apartments for rental.

Rjukan Gjestegård

For those who wants nice and cheap accommodation in Rjukan

Sandviken Camping

In Rjukan you will find many great campsites. Either near the town centre of Rjukan, close to Tinnsjøen, near Gaustatoppen or Blefjell. The choice is yours.

In Rjukan there are mountain lodges several places. You can find staffed lodges along the road, or staffed and selfserved lodges up in the mountains belonging to DNT

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