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Brit Wesseltoft

Brit is a sporty 71-year-old woman. She is single, but rarely alone. She often invites and gathers her family, arranges parties for her grandchildren, and if not, well then, she’s on the move. She has an apartment in the historical “Fjøsgården”. She gladly invites families with kids, friends, couples or single people for dinner.

Brit has a big surrounding network and is good at keeping in touch with both her family and friends.

She has worked with health care, and the last 25 years with rehabilitation, now partly as a substitute.

Spare time interests:

I love to travel, have travelled a lot, almost all over the world. I enjoy the outdoor life, especially hiking in the mountains. Love reading and music, especially classical music. Interested in art, theatre, opera, and history. I am also very interested in Rjukan and Tinn’s exciting past and present.

Where do you live?

I have a spacious apartment in Sam Eydes Gt. 2, colloquially called “Fjøsgårdene”, built by Norsk Hydro between 1915-20.

What do you prefer to cook for dinner?

Different soups (“old” meat soup, Asian chicken soup, goulash), stews/sautéed reindeer, deer, or moose, (depending on what is currently in season), wok, von due, various dishes of lamb meat. Fish dishes of trout (when in season) and salmon.

What kind of people would you like to invite?

Who comes here doesn’t matter – can be English speakers. I have space for up to 10-12 people, but I prefer smaller groups.

Do you wish to visit Brit?  

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