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10 cool thing to do in Rjukan this winter

A weekend of bindinglaus riding, board building and tree- house living!

Located in central Norway, Tessungdalen is a valley full of steep hills that are perfect for snow surfing. The area has a long tradition of craftsmanship including a state of the art wood workshop, Haugen Treindustri, which we are fortunate and privileged to have access to. This workshop is where the board crafting course will take place. Our camp for the weekend will be at Å camp, in both the cabin and the tree-house. The Saturday’s dinner is planned at the local bakery called Høgt Heva, where we will be served the very delicious local pizza.

Read more about the workshop and Å camp here

The sun mirror

Which other places can you tan in the rays of a sun mirror? Pretty cool, huh?

Read more about the sun mirror here

Foto: Karl Martin Jacobsen

Floating sauna 

At the lake Kvitåvatn at destination Gausta, a floating sauna is situated, with beautiful view towards Gaustatoppen. The sauna has room for 8 persons. Reservations at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell. 

Ice climbing 

Rjukan is a paradice for ice climbing. In Rjukan there are almost 200 waterfalls to climb. You do not have to be an experienced climber to try this amazing sport. Now you can join our guides and try ice climbing for a day. The guides give you all the equipment needed and they will ensure that the safety is in order.

Read more about the package "A day in paradICE"

Sledge track

The Ryesvei is an exciting zig-zag path located in the terrain below the Krossobanen Cableway. This outstanding track is open for sledgeriding. The distance from the upper station Gvepseborg down to Krosso is 3851 meters, the difference in altitude approx. 500 meters and it winds down through a total of 21 curves. This makes it the longest sledge-hill (with lift) in Norway. Please notice that it is at your own risk. 

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About an hour drive from Rjukan, you will find Haukeli husky. Try to run your own dogsledge by friendly Aslaska huskies trough the norwegian wild nature.  

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Competitions at Rjukanbadet

Have an internal competition at the swimmingcomplex in Rjukan. Who can ride the fastest down the slide?

More about Rjukanbadet. 


Foto: Mediateam/visitrjukan 


In the saboteur's footsteps

The power plant at Vemork's original purpose had been the production of electricity and fertilizer, however the German occupiers were using the facility to collect large amounts of heavy water during WWII – a key ingredient in the Nazi effort to develop an atomic bomb. The Allied Forces along with a group of young Norwegian soldiers risked their lives and sabotaged the heavy water plant during World War II. Join Brave as we walk in the footsteps of the original saboteur route.

The saboteur's footsteps

foto: Newslab Benjamin A. Ward

Ski from Gaustatoppen 

When the snow conditions allow it, you can freeride from Gaustatoppen. At Gaustatoppen ypu will find tracks for all levels. Check the Facebook group "Conditions at Gaustatoppen" for updates. Please notice that all activity at the top is at your own risk. 

Read more about the package "Skiing from Gaustatoppen"

Food truck

At Gausta ski center the have transformed one of the grooming machines into a food truck, so you can by a snack whilst skiing. Cool huh? 

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