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Vemork is mostly known for the heavy water war, © Nancy Bundt

Vemork is mostly known for the heavy water war, © Nancy Bundt

Vemork museum

At the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum at Vemork you can see the unique exhibition about WWII as well as the industrialization of Rjukan.

The Rjukan Waterfall (Rjukanfossen) provided the basis for building the world's largest power station of the time at Vemork in 1911.

The power station is now a museum, Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum where you can learn about the fantastic industrial adventure and see exhibitions on industrial development in Norway and especially in Rjukan.

Presentation of Rjukan as a UNESCO site

Rjukan is part of Rjukan-Notodden Industrial heritage, inscribed on UNESCOs world heritage list due to our unique industrial history. An insight into the story is presented here at the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum.

The heavy water war
The museum is perhaps best known for its presentation of Rjukan's exciting war history.

Vemork was at the centre of one of the most important acts of sabotage committed during the Second World War, when Norwegian saboteurs prevented the Germans from developing a nuclear bomb from the heavy water that was produced there. 

You can watch a documentary called "If Hitler had the bomb" in the cinema, which is about the acts of sabotage committed during the quest to destroy the heavy water plant.

The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum is authorized as the World Heritage Center for Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage with venues at Vemork, Rjukan and Telemarksgalleriet, Notodden.

The hydrogen factory and the heavy water basement at Vemork was blown up in 1977. During 2017 and 2018 the basement has been excavated, and the building of a new museum will start spring 2020.

Vemork is mostly known for the heavy water war, © Nancy Bundt
Winternight at Vemork , © Ian Brodie
Photo from the exhibtion "The heroes of Telemark": , © Ingelinn Kårvang
The old power station at Vemork , © Mediateam
From the exhibiton at Vemork , © Mediateam, Espen Halvorsen
From the movie "The heroes of Telemark". , © visitRjukan AS
Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum at Vemork. , © Hans-Dieter Fleger
© visitrjukan.com/Espen Halvorsen

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